Robert P.

This is the Buckeye that was on my butterfly bush yesterday. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

So Brooke and my best buddy, Kandi, took off to see if they could get a glimpse of Robert Pattinson (of Twilight fame, of course) who is about 8 miles from my house filming a movie called “Water For Elephants.”  They actually DID get to see him, but only for a few seconds. They never did get to see Reese Witherspoon who is also in the movie.

Later Brooke calls me from work and says that one of her co-workers called her and said that she was at Wal-Mart and Robert P. was there signing autographs. Brooke’s boss told her she could head over there, but it was too late: he left. Oh well, she’s thrilled that she got to see him. :)

The dogs just about drove me nuts today. They were all Cuh-razy with a capital C. I’m not sure what got into them but it lasted ALL day. They finally all crashed about 9:30, thank goodness!

Have a good’un. :)

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