Butterfly Bushes

This morning I went to Wal-Mart to get a few supplies and discovered that they had their butterfly bushes on clearance. I bought two of them: one is “Honeycomb” (yellow blooms), and “Light Lavender” (lavender blooms, obviously). They are about three feet tall and quite lovely. AND I only paid $7.50 a piece for them. :)

On my way home I stopped by a quick mart to see if they had Icees. They didn’t. :(  I’m on a real Icee kick lately and I don’t know why. I had my first one in years the other day and it was delicious. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I can’t find anywhere in town that sells them. :( Anyway, here’s my point: after glancing in the store to see if there was an Icee machine and realizing there wasn’t, I stepped back outside and what lands beside me on the hot pavement but a Red Admiral butterfly. A Red Admiral! My nemesis! My Moby Dick, if you will. (Click HERE to see a photo of one that my Dad took.)

I’ve been trying for years -YEARS, I tell you – to get a good photo of a Red Admiral and I just haven’t been able to. Oh, I see them. I see them often but I never can get close enough OR they will never open their wings for me. Not ever. :o/ Soooo, I thought this guy that landed at my feet might have been hurt or something, and I lean down and hold my finger out and he climbs on. :) Now remember, I told you I bought those butterfly bushes, and they had blooms, so I opened the back of my Tahoe and stuck him on a bloom. He stayed there on the 2 or 3 mile drive home. I kept watching him in the rear view mirror because I was afraid he was going to fly and he’d be lost somewhere in the car and there I would’ve killed a butterfly. :( But no, he stayed right on the bloom. :)

I called Brooke and told her to bring my camera out when I pulled in the driveway. When she saw me pull up she came out – but no camera in hand. I make the ol’ “clicking the shutter button” motion to her, to which she rolls her eyes and goes back inside to grab the camera. She comes back out, I open the back of my Tahoe, and the ungrateful Red Admiral flies as high as he can into one of my oak trees. I save him from certain death in that hot parking lot and that’s how he repays me?!  Hmmph! See, I told you…I’m just never going to get a good shot of one. :(

After carrying in all of the groceries and putting them away I went outside and moved my butterfly bush pots all over the yard trying to decide where I wanted to plant them. My hubby had already threatened to strangle me if I brought one more thing home to plant. ;) I finally decided on where I wanted them and commenced to getting them in the ground.

I hit a root about the size of a child’s arm when I was digging the first hole. I was already so far down that there was no way I was going to give it up, especially after making a spot in in hubby’s precious grass. ;) I beat that root until I thought I was going to pass out (it was about 105 with the heat index). Finally I broke through it and got the first bush planted. Same thing happened with the second bush, too, only a slightly smaller root was in my way. As soon as I got the second one in the ground a Sulphur butterfly landed on it, but I didn’t get a picture, then later Cain and I spotted a Buckeye butterfly on it, and I did get a picture and I’ll show that to you later. :)

I made hamburger steaks for supper and then we relaxed and watched Clash of the Titans. I liked it. It’s good if you don’t compare it to the original movie, which I love, but just don’t try to compare the two; they are nothing alike. :)

Have a good night!

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