Gulf Fritillary

I was cleaning off the back porch this morning when Brooke told me to come and look at the beautiful orange butterfly that was on the butterfly bush. I grabbed my camera and took off out there and saw this beautiful Gulf Fritillary, which is one of my favorite butterflies.

They are so vibrant and so beautiful and so ORANGE. I took several shots and he finally fluttered along. I was thrilled: this was the first Gulf Fritillary that I’ve seen in my yard. :)

Didn’t do much of anything today other than relaxing outside. Or at least we TRIED to relax outside. It’s so hot. :(

Have a good one!

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One thought on “Gulf Fritillary

  1. I love these too. We’ve gotten some good shots of them in the past. Not seeing many butterflies this year for some reason.

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