South Pittsburg

Today honey and I got up early and went and had breakfast in Chickamauga, and then headed over to South Pittsburg, TN., to find him some work clothes (Hammers, you know). He found some really good bargains.

We stopped at the Dixie Freeze afterwards and got an Icee. I haven’t had one in years and it was delicious. He had a Coke flavored one and mine was cherry. :) Yummy stuff.

We drove around one of my favorite areas to search for butterflies and found lots in a garden full of zinnias. Next year I’m FOR SURE planting lots of zinnias. That’s the second place we’ve been where we’ve found tons of butterflies on them.

We had a great day out exploring and on our way home we stopped on the mountain and visited with my grandfather. We found out that this morning he was almost dead. He is a diabetic and his blood sugar dropped to 40 and my aunts and cousin could not get him awake. They were certain he was dying. :( The EMT’s thought he had had a stroke and he wasn’t responsive at all. They thought to check his blood sugar and sure enough, that’s what it was. They gave him a shot and then when he finally came around they had him drink some orange juice and he was fine. He never even had to go to the hospital.  Poor fella. :(

When we got home we worked on cleaning out and cleaning up the pop-up camper. We’re both so excited about having it. I can’t believe the deal we got on it, and it’ll be so great to have it for quick weekend trips and for places that, as I mentioned yesterday, would be hard to get the other camper into.

Have a good night, and keep my Grandpa in your prayers please. :)

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One thought on “South Pittsburg

  1. Hi, Sweetie! Beautiful butterfly shot! I’ve gotten some of that kind but never knew what they were called.

    Some of MY Hills moved to South Pittsburg. Did I ever tell you that? I’ve told Don that when we go to Chattanooga to visit our friends there, I want to meet up with you!

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