Last night hubby and I discussed what time he needed the alarm set for. Yesterday morning he wanted it set for five and then ended up sleeping until 5:45, which is fine with me (that he sleeps) but couldn’t he have said to set it for 5:30 so I didn’t have to keep hitting snooze every nine minutes (I still don’t understand the whole “9-minute” thing). So anyway, I kidded him about setting it for later.

THEN this morning it promptly goes off at 5, just as he had requested and I automatically hit snooze, knowing he never gets up that first time it goes off. Then I hit snooze again. THEN he said, “I meant to tell you to set it for six.” So basically I’ve been up since 5 because my hubby is a goober. ;)  It was a rough night of sleep anyway in our queen size bed thanks to both of our fat butts, plus Lucy, plus Humphrey all squeezing in. Blah…

Just wondering: how come when I wake up at the butt crack of dawn the dogs want to sleep until 9 or 10, but when I want to sleep later (say until around 8) they decide they need to get up at 6? Funny how that works, isn’t it?

The fog is so thick this morning that I can’t even see to the end of the yard. I hope everyone is safe driving in it this morning. And for some reason I thought it was going to be cool outside because of all that fog. Wrong. It’s already so humid out there that it’s miserable. :(

I’m going to go to the Farmer’s Market this afternoon. I’m really looking forward to it, too. We have a small one here in town and I’ve been wanting to check it out forever, so that’s what I’m going to do – finally. :)

Have a terrific day, everyone!

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