A Day Early

Here’s Chuckacanuka posing with one of the signs. This particular sign was at the Fontana Dam which was an amazingly beautiful area.

We came home a day early. We didn’t want to, but honey kept getting phone calls for work and he just couldn’t enjoy himself. We plan on going back soon.

We took our time coming home and took a scenic route instead of going the same ol’ way home (which is still a beautiful drive). We went over the Cherohala Skyway and boy is it quite a drive. It goes up to over 5,000 ft. and it’s just lovely. We live in such a beautiful area and we are so fortunate that such beautiful places are not too far away.

I got stung on the back by a yellow jacket. It was in the car and I leaned back against it. Hubby stopped and got me some Benadryl. I thought it was to make me feel better but he said he hoped it would stop my whining about my sting. ;) It did both, and it knocked my butt out for about 3 hours. Blah… And just so  you know, I didn’t kill the yellow jacket. We pulled over and I shook him off my shirt and shooed him along. :)

Have a good night!

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