Dog Tired

Cain and I started in the yard around 8:30 this morning and worked until five. We only took a 30 minute break for lunch and now we are both exhausted. Whew…

I pushmowed the whole back yard, then picked up sticks and pinecones. Cain cleaned the gutters out and we moved a lot of junk from under the porch (where my hubby seems to want to store lots of things). We moved lots of dead limbs, cleaned off the porch and the deck, moved the boat and trailer (with only our muscles), and weedeated. Cain mowed the front yard, too. Did I say we’re exhausted? We are.

I’m about to relax and read my book, but right now I”m watching Deadliest Catch. This is the one that tells us about Capt. Phil Harris’ stroke. :( So sad. We’ve watched this show from the beginning and I just hate the ol’ fella (well, really he was only 53) died, but I have to say it’s not really surprising. I’ve never seen anyone smoke so much or drink so many Red Bulls.

RIP Capt. Phil. :(

Later, gators.

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