I Fell Down & Broke My Crown

Okay, so I wake up this morning to a HUGE spider walking across my “chest” (to put it politely). HUGE! It scared the bejeepers outta me. I gathered him in a cup and took him outside and told him not to EVER come in the house again.

THEN later I got bit on my tail by an ant (this time I was outside though). If this wasn’t bad enough, I THEN fell down my steps carrying my big-boy camera. I skinned my knee up pretty bad and I have a small knot on it, and I hurt my wrist by trying to hold my camera up and not break it. For those wondering, my camera is fine. :) I was just very happy that my daughter wasn’t around to see me fall, because regardless of my pain, she would’ve laughed.

Hubby and I were going to go down to the campground but there was lots of rain so instead we went to Chattanooga and had supper at Olive Garden, then made a quick trip to Sam’s Club. We had a nice evening, just the two of us.

Glad it rained here at the house. We needed it.


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