The kids went out on Cain’s boat yesterday for the first time (pic taken with my iPhone). Marshall and I, and his parents, all rode into town to get a few groceries. The store is about 15 minutes away, and when we got there we noticed that the sky was turning black. I tried to get in touch with the kids but couldn’t.

The weatherman said SEVERAL times over the radio that there was a “less than five-percent chance of rain.” Well, he was quite wrong. A horrible lightning storm blew up and the kids were out on the water – with no way to get out of the storm. We weren’t there to help them load the boat back on the trailer (it was Cain’s first trip out and he was just learning how to do everything).

I was scared out of my gourd the whole time we were driving to get back to them (we left the store early to rush back to them). When we get back to the lake, Cain was holding the rope to his boat because the cleats (or whatever) had broken and he couldn’t tie the boat to the dock. The water was whitecapping and rocking the little boat all over the place. It was lightning like crazy and Brooke walked in the storm about a quarter of a mile to get the car. The rain was pouring – and I do mean pouring. Anyway, long story short, it’s a miracle they weren’t struck by lightning. I KNOW that the actual odds of being hit by lightning is like seven million to one, but you’d be amazed at the number of people getting struck around here lately.

Other than them having an awful first trip out on the boat, we had a great day. Marshall’s parents ate with us, and then after they left Marshall and Cain took the boat back out and had a rather nice time. :)

Marshall bought Brooke and I some cruiser bikes and we’ve been riding them all over the campground. Well, mostly all over: I can’t ride very far without getting butt cramps from the seat. ;)

We’re having a great time, and that’s what matters, right?

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