Hobbes Is Gone :(

Which way?!

Our kitty, Hobbes, who we’ve had for over 10 years, has disappeared. :(  He has done this before and he always comes home, but this time it’s not looking too good. I meant to bring this up yesterday and forgot.

Today my beloved grandmother would’ve been 87, had Alzheimer’s not taken her from us. :( I miss her every single day. I’m sure that I always will, too.

The dogs are enjoying being at the campground, even if it does feel like it’s about 105 degrees out there.  No really, with the heat index it’s 105 degrees.  It’s insane, I tell you!

How much longer ’til winter?

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One thought on “Hobbes Is Gone :(

  1. oh thats terrible. i would just be beside myself if my cat was lost. and yes its the not knowing. oh Lord i pray that he comes back ok and soon.

    and this heat! i can’t take it. or the humidity! honestly it was not this hot when i was a kid.

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