Summer Tanager

This is a male Summer Tanager and he is also a regular to our campsite. I was beyond thrilled the first time I saw him and just couldn’t believe my luck when he kept coming back to visit us.

Marshall went to see his parents this morning and I stayed home. I really wanted to go with him but I probably had MAYBE two hours of sleep last night. I have been having really bad headaches (really bad ones) and the lack of sleep was just about to do  me in.  I had hoped while he was gone that I could’ve slept but I couldn’t. That made me feel even worse for not going with him.

Brooke and Cain went to the funeral services for Coach Tom Bryant. Cain isn’t feeling much better but he went anyway. He loved that man (as did Brooke) and I was happy that they both got to go. They said the service was great – lots of tears AND lots of laughs.


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One thought on “Summer Tanager

  1. WoW …. what a beauty! I’m always looking for a Summer Tanager but have never seen one yet. This is a wonderful image!

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