Sick Young’un

This Red-bellied Woodpecker and his mate are regular visitors to our campsite. Isn’t he beautiful? I just love ’em.

Cain slept for FIFTEEN hours. FIFTEEN! He feels horrible and sounds very yucky. :( I hope his cold doesn’t last forever.

I push-mowed most of the yard today and right about now I think my arms may fall off. It started pouring rain on me and I just kept on mowing. I could tell it wasn’t going to last long and it felt terrific. I was also treated to a beautiful rainbow as I mowed. :)

Marshall’s parents were going to come down but since Cain is sick they couldn’t. As you know, Marshall’s dad is recovering from burns he received when his motorhome exploded. We’d have felt awful had he gotten sick. :( He’s recovering quite nicely though so we sure are happy about that. :)

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