My Father-In-Law

Tonight we got a call from my sister-in-law. She told my hubby that their father was working on his motorhome and the motorhome backfired and then exploded.

The engine on the motorhome is on the inside in a dog box (is that what that’s called?).  Apparently my FIL was working on the engine when it backfired. He had a little cup of gas in his hand which caught fire and then a large gas can inside the motorhome exploded. My FIL was on fire and had to run through flames to get out.

We met our family at the hospital and we got to see my FIL for just a few minutes. Erlanger, one of the top hospitals in our area, decided that my FIL would be better served at the Augusta (Georgia) Burn Center so they airlifted him there.

He looks awful. He’s burned horribly bad but is conscious and was talking. He’s burned mainly on his right side, but also on his stomach, face, belly, chest, and ears. I won’t go into all the details but it’s not good.  Please keep him and our family in your prayers. :(

He’s such a strong man and I know that God will see him through this. He wasn’t so much worried about himself (or at least was putting on a darn good show for his four grandchildren that were there (our two and Marshall’s sister’s two children). He was more upset about his motorhome, which burned to the ground. :(

Thank you, God, that this wasn’t worse than this. He could’ve easily died.  Thank you for sparing his life. I don’t know what we’d all do without him.

Please pray for us.

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