Retail Therapy

This is my other favorite azalea. I call this one the Peppermint azalea, but I don’t know what it’s really called.

I had a gift certificate from McKay Bookstore (a wonderful used book/video/music/game store that’s AWEEEESOME!) so Brooke and I loaded up and went there, then Target, then lunch at O’Charley’s, then Wal-Mart, then home. :) It sounds like a long day, but we weren’t gone long at all.

I hadn’t been to the new location of McKay yet and wow! It’s huge! I didn’t get to browse as long as I wanted to because Brooke wasn’t feeling well. :( I want to go back when I have some time so I can pour through every aisle. My best purchase? “Born Standing Up,” which is Steve Martin’s somewhat-new autobiography, which I purchased for SEVENTY FIVE CENTS! :) Thanks, D, for helping me find it! It was great seeing you. :)

It’s supposed to rain all weekend, and through Wednesday of next week, I think. :( Booo! Who’s ready for summer? Me, that’s who!

Later. :)

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