Here’s Brooke not following the rules on a recent hike she and I went on.

Before we went into the woods we met a bit of a smart-alec park ranger who basically asked us if we knew how to read. He wanted to make sure that we could understand the fact that we weren’t to walk where the boardwalk leading into the woods was damaged.  Um, yeah dude, we got this. Jerk.

The rain moved in around two this morning and that was several hours earlier than was expected, I think. It has been raining on and off all day but nothing very exciting here around the house.

A few months ago (back in the fall) I got an email from a gentleman at the Audubon asking if he could use one of my photos of a yellow-bellied sapsucker for a painting that he was going to do. The paintings of various birds will be on a poster for 2010 International Migratory Bird Day.

The artist let me know that the poster was finished and that he had mailed a copy to me. I got it today and I’m pretty excited about it. :) Go me! :)

Here’s what your gonna wanna do: go to itunes and download “Long As I Can See the Light,” by Crystal Bowersox. She is an American Idol finalist and she really, truly is one of the best singers I’ve EVER heard. If I were you I’d download all of her songs, but make sure you grab that one first. :) You’re welcome. You’re going to be thanking me, that’s for sure.


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