My babies, somewhat cooperating for a photo yesterday evening.

I love I’ve had so many wonderful experiences with them. Here’s my latest:

We ordered Brooke a netbook (mini computer) this past Christmas and with that we got her a Targus cooling fan that came with a small mouse and a USB hub port. Last week Brooke and I traded computers (her mini for my laptop) and I noticed that the cooling fans weren’t working. She wasn’t sure when they stopped. We looked for the warranty information but must’ve thrown the paperwork away when we threw out all the wrapping paper at Christmas.
ANYWAY, I emailed Amazon simply to ask if there was any way to find out warranty information. They said that there wasn’t but they are shipping us (have already shipped us) a brand new unit! One day shipping at no cost to us. It will be here today. Four months after our initial purchase they do this! Can you believe that? No questions asked, we just have to ship the old one back.
I tell you what, if it can be purchased from Amazon I simply won’t buy from anywhere else. Their customer service is second to none. With Amazon Prime the shipping is free for two-day shipping and, well, I just love them! :)

You don’t hear about customer service as good as that these days and that’s why you’ll see me singing the praises of as often as possible. :)

On another note, I sold my 70-200mm lens through Amazon yesterday. I’m always  worried about doing stuff like that. I don’t much use ebay anymore.  I hope the selling side of Amazon is as good as the buying side. :)

Later, gators.

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  1. I just started Amazon Prime. It is saving me a day of ‘shopping’ a week. Not ecologically bad either, I think. The UPS truck has to come by my house daily anyway. Amazing. Ink cartridges, popcorn popper, bike mirror, plant fertilizer, underwear…NO shipping!

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