Found this little beauty today. I think it’s a spring azure but I’m not positive on that. I’m seeing lots of butterflies but none of them will be still long enough for a picture. Rude, really.

Today Marshall was standing on the bank fishing and he threw out his lure and when he did the root that he was standing on broke and he fell six-feet head first into about a foot of water. I was taking pictures and didn’t realize he wasn’t standing there anymore. I started calling his name and saw his face looking towards me and so I thought he was fine (didn’t realize he had been standing on a bank). Anyway, when I got down to him I realized he was holding on for dear life, trying to pull himself up to the top. I flipped out because I couldn’t lift him back up so he had to walk several feet away and climb up by himself. It scared me half to death. He’s okay, but REALLY he should go to the doctor. He’s already injured his leg really bad from a fall the other day. :(  He has scratches all over him but thank the good Lord, other than that, he was fine. Poor baby. I worry sick about him.

Brooke and I have discussed it and we’re going to wrap him up in a huge ball of bubble wrap and just roll him wherever he needs to go (think: the blueberry boy in the Willy Wonka movie). :)

It’s SO beautiful outside. I hope you are getting to enjoy this weather, too. :)

Later, gators.

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