Tipsy Pots

I saw this idea in Birds & Blooms magazine a while back and finally got around to making myself one today. It was rather inexpensive and very easy to do. The only thing I had to have help with was to drive the re-bar down in the ground. For pictures and step by step instructions, go to my pbase site, which is here: Tipsy Pot Instructions. That should take you to the first picture, then click “Next” up at the top right-hand corner until you get to the end. There are a total of eight pictures.

It’s hot here. Hot, hot, hot, and I love it. I have been outside every day for the past several days.  There are lots of things I should be doing in my house (like seeing if my bedroom closet still has a floor), but who wants to be inside when it’s so beautiful outside? Not me, buddies.

Have a great night. :)

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2 thoughts on “Tipsy Pots

  1. Sooooo…would you come over to my place and start designing gardens for me? Just kidding.
    I wanted you to know that I share Birds and Blooms with my co-workers and they love it…as do I.

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