Hawk & Jays

Today I stayed outside all day. This weather is so fantastic, I’m very happy. That picture is of a “Spring Beauty.” It’s one of the wildflowers (or weeds, as my hubby likes to say) growing in my yard. That blooms is about as big as a nickel. :)

So Brooke and I were sitting out in the yard later in the afternoon and we were just relaxing. The Coopers Hawk that has been staying around here since last year (or that’s the first time I spotted him here) flew RIGHT by Brooke’s head to try and grab one of my birds. It just about scared the soup out of her.

Then even later in the afternoon I was walking the dogs and saw a huge ruckus up near the top of one of my trees. I thought the hawk had grabbed a bird because feathers fell down on me and the dogs like it was snowing feathers. They were everywhere. When I looked closely at one of the feathers I noticed it was hawk feathers. I looked up to see him sitting there, looked like he was grooming himself, then he took off across the street towards a bunch of blue jays. They were fighting like crazy.

THEN later I came in for just a few minutes and when I got back outside (maybe less than 5 minutes later) there were bird feathers all around my birdbath. Apparently the hawk finally did catch his supper and it appeared to be a dove. :(

Exciting day around here, huh? ;)

We are headed out to have dinner with our family to celebrate my MIL’s birthday. I think she’s turning 50 today. ;)

Happy Birthday to my MIL, Brenda. I love you! :)

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