Hobbes (guess where we got his name) is being awfully sweet today.  He’s an old fellow, a little over 10. He meows constantly but we love him anyway. He is an outside kitty and he really just comes here to eat. He’s never here…BUT..since I gave Axl Rose to a friend (sniff sniff) he has been home every day and he’s quite needy.

I guess Axl kept him from hanging out here at home. She wasn’t very friendly to him and I’m not sure why. She adored our other cat (RIP Neak Neak), but poor Hobbes, she was awful to him. Well, “awful” in that she wouldn’t really have anything to do with him. If he got close to her she’d hiss at him. :( Anyway, he’s acting strange. He keeps looking in the house, coming in and going in all the rooms and meowing. Now I’m wondering if he’s missing her, even though he didn’t stay around much because of her.

I moved some bird feeders around today and added a couple more feeders. The kids got me a Home Depot gift certificate for my birthday and I hope to use it to buy some flowering fruit trees to attract more birds and butterflies to the yard. :) My MIL picked me up a flowering crabapple tree and I can’t wait to get it!

I forgot that “Life” was on this evening and missed the first 30 minutes of it. :(  I’m sure it’ll repeat a gazillion times but I sure hated missing it. Are you watching it? If not, you should be.

Love, peace, & chicken grease.

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