This morning I got up and showered and got ready, then went out and sat in my bird blind for about an hour to see what I could see. I took a few (gazillion) pictures then headed out to run some errands.

I used my birthday money and bought myself a push mower today. Not a self-propelled lawn mower; none of that sissy crap for me. :) We have a perfectly fine riding lawn mower but I like to push mow. It’s very relaxing to me, and it takes most of the day to mow our one-acre yard. I actually rather enjoy it.

I may have overdone it a little bit though. I feel absolutely horrible now. In fact, I can hardly move. Our yard is sloped and it’s a bit rough to mow in some areas. I told my buddies I mowed up hill both ways, in the snow, with no shoes. :) That’s what it feels like now anyway.

I cooked burgers and dogs on the grill and made Marshall and Brooke a strawberry cake for dessert. I just showered and for the rest of the evening I plan on relaxing. I think I’m half-dead. ;)

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