Buncha Liars! ;)

Well, my hubby got me good, as did my children: they threw a surprise birthday party for me at Sugar’s Ribs. :)

I had a GREAT birthday party with lots of friends. I can’t believe that a) everyone kept it a secret, and b) so many people came. :) I feel so loved.  I have the greatest hubby ever. What an angel! I can’t believe he threw me a party, I just can’t believe it!

Turning 40 (again) has been great.  ;) It has been a wonderful, perfect, BEAUTIFUL day!

Until we got home and I burned the fuel pump up in my car. :(

Happy Birthday to my Daddy (who is turning 68), and to my good pal, Chrisi!

Love you both!

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One thought on “Buncha Liars! ;)

  1. Party did someone say PARTY? I guess my invite got lost in the mail from Marshall LOL. I am glad he surprised you on your 2nd 40th birthday!

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