Messy Marvin

This is a cow ant, but it’s really not an ant at all. It’s a wasp. Neato, huh?

I need to find a home (a good home) for my kitty. She’s spayed and has had all her shots. I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY want to give her to someone who will take good care of her. Any takers?



My house is a mess. I should be cleaning. I hate all this freakin’ dust. I don’t know where it comes from. I dust and a few hours later you’d never believe it.

It’s cold. Cold, cold, cold. I hate it. I’m starting to get concerned because usually by this time I have some flowers blooming and a couple of my azalea bushes usually have buds. Nothing. Zilch, zip, nada. :(

My birthday is in five more days.

Just sayin’.  :)

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