More Clouds

I know that Jerry Lewis isn’t dead, but sometimes I think his spirit takes over my son’s body. He’s like Jim Carrey, Jerry Lewis, and all three of the Stooges rolled into one. :)

He caught an 8 lb. 13.5 oz. bass on Thursday. He was quite pleased with himself and then struggled with whether or not to have it mounted or let it go. He let it go (which made me very happy, of course) and then regretted his decision almost immediately. :) The fish was HUGE. Here’s a pic of it:

Nice fish, huh?

Cain went home today and Marshall and I just relaxed in the camper. We wanted to be outside but it was drizzling rain and after that storm it just turned really cold. :(

Tomorrow we head back home. Booo! Boooooo!

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One thought on “More Clouds

  1. a competent taxidermist will make a mount from a photo. they don’t use the fish to actually make the mount anymore. so take that photo to a taxidermist, get his trophy and tell him she’ll weigh 2 lbs more next year when he catches her again.

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