Hail & Storms

It came an absolute horrible storm this morning. This is the hail that fell within about 5 minutes (if it even lasted that long). See that big pile there?  That’s what fell off the camper awning. It was terrifying. The sky turned this crazy aqua color before it happened.  I took this picture with my iphone so it’s not that great a picture, but you can see the really creepy color:

Then all heck broke loose. It was quite terrifying. It sounded like the roof of the camper was going to fall in with all that hail pounding on it.

Things weren’t any better today so I took Mom back to her house.

I’m so sad.

I can’t/won’t go into details, but my Mom needs lots of prayer. I hope that you will add her to yours.

The day turned just beautiful this afternoon, but brr, it’s cold!

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