North Carolina

Hubby and I left for North Carolina yesterday evening. We didn’t get here until 2 a.m. and the roads were horrible there near the end of our trip. We were white-knuckling it for most of the way.  This was the view when we got up this morning and it’s STILL snowing (we are near Boone, NC). I was very excited and hoped we could stay, but we had to head back home. I have NEVER seen this much snow in my life. :)

Brooke was feeling better when we left but her fever went back up today and that’s why we came back home (that and we were afraid we may not make it back because of the weather). She went to the doctor and he didn’t test her for the flu (I don’t know why since she’s running a fever and has bad body aches).  He gave her an Rx for Phenergan and sent her home. She looks and feels just awful, poor thing. :(


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