Car Woes

Today Marshall and I were on top of the mountain and my car’s computer said that my battery wasn’t charging. We made it down the mountain and the electronic system started shutting down. We made it to a town nearby our town and it died flat out. Luckily Cain wasn’t too far away and he came and went and got a new battery for us.

Marshall installed the new battery and drove to the nearest auto part store. They checked the alternator and said it was fine. He went to another store and they said it was fine, too. He drove on home (Brooke had came down and got me and the dogs so we wouldn’t have to wait) and the battery still said it wasn’t charging so we have to take it tomorrow to our mechanic to see what in the soup is going on.

The car in the photo above belonged to Al Capone. It’s a 1928 Cadillac and boy is it sharp. He had it painted green because that was the color of the police cars back then. Pretty smart, huh? :)


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