Bent Over Rows Are the Devil

This is a screen shot from my Wii Fit Plus. I’m totally digging working out with it. :)

Brooke and I went to Pump class tonight at the gym. I hate bent over rows. Hate them. They are one of the many types of exercises we do in class. I must be doing something wrong because my lower back always hurts after we do those.  I need to ask my trainer about them.

It’s getting quite cold here again and we may get snow on Friday. It won’t lay, of course, but I sure wish it would.

Brooke bought me an Otter Box Defender case for my iPhone and I love it. Now I won’t be so worried if I drop it.  I’ve dropped it a couple of times and so far so good, but as clumsy as I am I’m sure my day is coming to drop it and crack the screen all over.

Later, gators.

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One thought on “Bent Over Rows Are the Devil

  1. You need to log those gym classes in your activity log on the it will show all the calories you are burning up.

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