Catching Up

I went back to the gym today after not having been there for a while. Class was rough! Right after class started I got more and more angry with myself. I was just very frustrated. I slacked off around the holidays and I NEVER should’ve done that.  Now I have 10 pounds to lose that I’d previously lost. So stupid of me…

When I got home I did my chores at the house, made sure we had enough leftovers for supper tonight, washed some clothes, and then went outside to enjoy this 60 degree weather we are having. You all know that I love winter and the cold weather, really I do, but c’mon spring! Butterflies…need…to…see…butterflies!

Have a good night. :)

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One thought on “Catching Up

  1. This is the part of the year in which I begin to long for warm weather and nice weather.

    I don’t like continuous days of slippery icy conditions.

    I especially detest driving on ice.

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