Birds, Birds, Birds

My husband got me a hunter’s blind for Christmas so I can hide in it and take pictures of my birds and other wildlife. I got this shot from it today. :) I love that thing!

I ran a gazillion errands today and then stayed home and worked on the house. I fixed breakfast for supper and just had a nice, productive day.

I’ve gained 10 lbs. back of the little over 40 that I lost. Pray that I get my butt back in gear so I can continue to get my butt through doors and whatnot. ;)


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2 thoughts on “Birds, Birds, Birds

  1. Oh you’ll do fine…you’ll get that spring fever soon and be hard at it!

    A bird blind! That is so cool. I think I am impatient, I like to keep moving.
    That must be why I never get excellent shots of birds like you!

  2. Get the wii fit plus to go with your wii to work out when you don’t go to the gym or in addition to your gym workout.

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