Sledding & “Skating”

Today was Grandpa’s 93rd birthday celebration and after we all had a nice HUGE breakfast, some of the kids and my aunt, and my cousin’s wife, and myself all went to my aunt’s pond to “skate.” There was snow on the ice so mostly we just walked around and slid a lot. We also dragged the sleds out and did some sledding onto the ice. :)

Here are the kids throwing snowballs (or in between throwing snowballs):

Here is Brooke trying to make a snow angel while Cain throws snow all in her face:

Brooke showing me her “skating” moves:

Cain sledding out onto the ice:

Cain pushing our cousin, Gabrielle, down towards the ice:

My cousin’s wife, Shelly, and her son Grant:

Our cousin Corey, and Cain pushing Gabrielle for another ride:

And down goes Brooke for a ride:

My aunt Karen and her grandson, Grant, going down for a ride:

Shelly and Cain in a race to see who can get across the ice the fastest (they didn’t make it very far):

Cain, Aunt Karen, Corey, and Gabrielle after a fun day of playing in the snow and on the pond:

We had SUCH a wonderful time. I just wish the day could’ve lasted longer. :(

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