Happy 93rd Birthday Grandpa!

My Grandpa Hershel (Dad’s dad) turns 93 today. This was him last year surrounded by his siblings.

Did I ever tell you that my great-grandfather, his son and daughter (my aunt Rachel who I was named after) and their spouses were all killed when a train hit their car back in 1937? They were killed and not another single Pennington in our family has died since then. Not one. And I’m not talking about the Pennington spouses, but actual Penningtons. I just think that’s an amazing story.) Anyway, can’t wait to see Grandpa tomorrow and celebrate his birthday. :) After a nice birthday breakfast we are all going to my aunts house to “skate” on a frozen pond (which really isn’t a pond at all but just where about three or four inches of water stands out in her woods). :)

It is SO cold outside. Most of the snow is gone, doggone it. I hope it snows a lot more this winter, but I doubt that will happen. :(

Have a good night!

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