Clean Machine

I’m a brunette again. I went and had my hair cut and colored today and boy, is it ever dark. I wanted to go back to my natural color, but the color is a little darker than I thought it would be. I like it. It will just take some getting use to. Cain loves it (he loves dark hair) and Marshall and Brooke seemed to like it, too, so that’s a plus. :)

I worked on the house today and I swear I really and truly don’t know where all this dust comes from. I mean WHERE can it come from? I sweep/Swiffer every other day and dust every three days or so (or if I don’t, Brooke does). It’s looking, though, like maybe we need to do it every day. :(

I think I hate my hardwood floors. Pretty sure of it, actually.

Nighty night.

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One thought on “Clean Machine

  1. OK…so when do we see it! I’m letting my red grow out. It was fun, but now I”m over it. Will likely just do some soft highlights when this red has grown out more.

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