Christmasy (is that a word?)

It was a dark, gray, rainy day which means it was a perfect day to stay in and do all sorts of Christmasy stuff (I don’t know if Christmasy is a word, but I’m officially making it one now). :) I listened to Christmas music for the majority of the day, and read one of my favorite Christmas books, “The Great Christmas Almanac.”

It took me 20 years to find that book, The Great Christmas Almanac. I found the book in our local library when we lived in Jackson, Mississippi. Before I returned the book to the library I wrote down the information so that maybe I could purchase the book later on. I then misplaced the card and forgot what the book was called. I searched for that book in every store I went into. I knew that I would know the book when I saw it. Finally, several months ago, I was at McKay Used Bookstore in Chattanooga and there it was, sitting in the very small Christmas section. I cried when I found it. I really did. Anyway, I sure am enjoying reading it. :)

Brooke and I set up Cain’s PS3 so that we can watch movies instantly from Netflix. Boy are we going to enjoy that!  If you rent a lot of movies I really suggest you drop your local video store and join Netflix. I LOVE their service. It’s cheap and we’ve never had a problem at all with them (knock on wood).

I watched Rudolph tonight on CBS and then turned my television just in time to see Michael Buble on NBC. I love him, you know. :)

Anyway, 23 more days. Can’t wait!

Good night & God bless! :)

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