Happy Thanksgiving!

I got up at 5:15 this morning and got my ham out of the oven and put my turkey in. I got the green beans started in the crockpot and then headed to take my shower. I cooked all morning (and joyfully so) and we ate at 12:30.

This year only Cain, Marshall, and myself were here for dinner.  Brooke had to work, Grandpa didn’t feel well (first Thanksgiving I can recall him missing in several years), and my mom & brother (once again) just didn’t show up. The food was absolutely delicious and we enjoyed it very much.

When Brooke got home at 1:30 she ate and then she, Marshall, and I delivered a plate to Grandpa, then one to my mother, then went out on the mountain to see Marshall’s parents. We stayed there with them for a while and then headed out to my Aunt Ginger & Uncle Larry’s house for another Thanksgiving get-together. Cain and his girlfriend, Ashley, met us there. I took this picture of Brooke & Cain and Grandpa (who will be 93 in January) at my aunt’s house. He just lives over the holler from them so he wasn’t too far from home.

We got home around 11 and we were exhausted but happy as could be. :) We had a terrific day and I hope that you did, too.


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