So Sleeeeeepy

This is some of my workout gear when I go to the gym for Pump class. I haven’t been since last Thursday. I had planned on going last night to a “Pre-Pigout Workout” they were having, but didn’t get to do that because of having to get mom from the hospital yesterday.

I am So sleepy that I can’t hardly keep my eyes open. I’ve been up since 6:15ish this morning I got showered and got myself ready, and then got started on my house. Brooke helped me a lot and we got the house looking great.

I finished my Thanksgiving pies and I’m getting ready to put my ham in the oven. I’m excited about tomorrow but was sad to hear that my Grandpa Herschel doesn’t feel like coming down this year. He and my grandmother (before she died in ’03) have been coming to our house for Thanksgiving for years. I’m really going to miss him but we will take him a plate tomorrow.

Good night, friends. I hope all of my USA buddies have a great Thanksgiving. :)

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