He’s Home!

Brooke and I went Thanksgiving shopping and got all the groceries for our dinner. We had to drive to two stores to find a proper sized turkey. Everything we found at the first store was too small.

While we were pulling into the second store we saw Cain behind us. :) I was thrilled that he got to come home so early. He came in the store with us to help get the last of the groceries and then we headed home.

I started working on the house and then I got a text from my aunt saying that my mother was at the hospital. Again. She had no way home so Marshall and I took off up there to get her. I called the hospital in advance and they said that she was ready to go. When we got there we were told that the dr. hadn’t made a decision or not on whether they were going to keep her. We were there for six hours. She had sinusitis.

I wasn’t a happy camper that we were there for so long. Here Cain is home early and we had to leave as soon as he got home.

Mom is fine, everything is fine.

Tomorrow I work on cleaning the house and starting my Thanksgiving cooking. I can’t wait!

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