We went exploring on Pigeon Mountain today. We had a great time but it’s kind of hard to take pictures and walk with Lucy, too; sometimes anyway. I was SO ready to be out of this house. I haven’t done much in the last month because I’ve been taking care of Humphrey.  He gets his last set of puppy shots on Nov. 30 and I’ll be so glad because that way I can start doing more things. :)

It was finally a little cooler today. It felt wonderful out there. As I’ve mentioned a thousand times before I HATE warm weather in the fall/winter time. It has been in the low 70’s but today it only got up to 59. Felt great! :)

We are watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, or whatever it’s called. So far it’s a good movie (if you like this sort of thing)  but I have NO idea why the people that made this movie felt the need to have so much cussing in it. You know that children will want to see this movie and it’s just as shame. There’s no sense in that; none at all. I also appreciate that Megan Fox is stunningly beautiful, and I know that sex sells, but this movie should’ve been for youngsters, you know?! I’m just saying… (it is a good movie though).

Thanksgiving: six days away. Yum, yum! :)

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One thought on “Exploring

  1. How funny…the transformers were a big deal when my oldest son…now 30 yrs old was a kid!
    I bought him Optimus Prime for Xmas…shhhh don’t tell him!

    I know that when he was a kid and the cartoons were on TV there was NO cussing at all.

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