Last song, One Scarred Hand
I didn’t take this picture. My Dad took this picture yesterday at church. This is the Billy Gray Quartet, and quite possibly Billy’s last performance. He is battling cancer and from all we’ve been told, it looks like the cancer is winning. :( Billy’s brother, Denny, has also recently found out that he has a brain tumor and is not doing well either.

I’ve known Billy and Sue Gray my whole life. Their niece, Teresa (Denny’s daughter), is one of my lifelong friends and I love them all so, SO much. They are truly amazing examples of what Christians should be. I am so honored to know them and to call them my friends.

We missed the birthday party that the church held for Billy yesterday because we were driving home from Jackson, Ms. I hate so much that we missed it.  I called Billy and Sue today and instead of me consoling Sue, SHE consoled ME. What a beautiful example of grace and God’s loving spirit. It shines through her like nothing I’ve ever seen, and I know that I have been so blessed to know this family. I’ve been overwhelmed today by … I don’t know. I’m not deeply religious but I can certainly feel God’s spirit (guess that’s what you’d call it) with me today.

On a happier note, today is my nephew’s 8th birthday. I will probably get to see him tomorrow (on Cain’s birthday) at a dinner at my Dad’s house. :) I can’t believe the little booger is 8 already! Seems like just yesterday when he was born.

Enjoy your afternoon. :)

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