This is an old picture I took back in 2004 with my first digital camera. It was a little Kodak and I wish I still had it.

I’m missing old friends tonight, and missing folks I haven’t been in touch with in a while. Cain’s football season is over and I hope to reconnect with my buddies–if they’re even still out there. I feel really lonely lately and I’m sure my lack of having friends around is mostly my fault. :(

At this last game our friend said that he and his wife figured it up and they figure that they spent at least $300 a weekend going to the football games this year. That sounds about right after renting hotel rooms and buying food. So that adds up to be about $1,200 a month during football season. Marshall and I are desperately looking for a camper that we can take up to Kentucky next year so that we can park it at an RV site all season. We can sleep there and eat there and save a ton of money. Wish us luck in finding one!

We stayed in Meridian last night. After we left the field and ate supper with our buddies we realized that we wouldn’t get home until 4 this morning. Even though we really didn’t have the money to stay, we stopped anyway because we knew we’d never make it home. I’m glad we stopped, too. We were both asleep within an hour of getting to the hotel (and that was around 10 p.m.). We were exhausted. The drive home this morning was wonderful, too. We were home by noon.

Peace out!

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