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This is a Crowned-slug caterpillar. Neato, huh? It was very tiny -maybe about an inch- and I almost stepped on it while getting out of the truck one day. It’ll grow up to be a moth.

I’m a babysitter now. Humphrey, my daughter’s puppy, requires a LOT of attention that I’m more than happy to give. Of course, that means I can’t go anywhere or do anything because he hasn’t had all of his shots yet and I FOR SURE don’t want him to get parvo or any other horrible disease that kills puppies. I had a blue heeler puppy that I loved SO much a few years ago and it got parvo and died before we could do a thing about it. I didn’t think my broken heart was ever going to heal over that and I fo’ sho’ don’t want to go through it again.

I got up at 5 this morning and was ready to rock and roll. I showered and got dressed and then went to work on my house. My honey cooked supper for me and it was delicious. He is such an angel. :) Anyway, I cleaned off the screened in porch and the deck (it was quite a mess) and it looks beautiful. We sat out there for most of the evening.

I’m so sleepy that I can’t keep my eyes open. I think I’ll hit the hay.  Have a great evening!

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