Family Cookout

I like the order of priorities here. :)

We worked our tails off today for a huge family cookout. We fixed ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, & sausages. I believe everything turned out really well.  All of Marshall’s siblings were here, a niece and a nephew, as well his parents, my Dad and stepmom, and three of Marshall’s cousins. Our neighbors from across the street came, too. There were also people here that we didn’t know and didn’t expect, so that was kind of weird, but we all had a really nice time. :) I think everyone really enjoyed the food and boy was there plenty of it.

We watched fireworks from my backyard…well, what we could see of them anyway. We were SO happy to have had everyone over.

Now I’m exhausted and I’m going to bed.


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3 thoughts on “Family Cookout

  1. Well apparently it was some distant relatives of Marshall’s, but we had never met them, never seen them, didn’t know they were coming. It was awkward, but we had plenty of food.

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