It’s TOO Hot!

This is a Clouded Sulphur butterfly. It’s one of those little yellow butterflies that you see fluttering in crazy patterns from one place to the next. They rarely, if ever, keep their wings open. I took about 8 gazillion shots of this beauty today in hopes that I’d catch him about to fly from one place to the next–and I did! Yay!

I met my Dad, stepmother, and her uncle over on Pigeon Mountain and we spent nearly all day taking pictures of butterflies.  I’d say we had a very successful trip but it’s SO hot that we had to call it off around 3:30ish. We were miserable.

When I got home hubby and I just relaxed here at the house under the air conditioner (why is it called an air CONDITIONER?). He watched old western movies and I uploaded all my photos from the 5 hours we were out (about 500 pictures).

Axl Rose (my kitty) isn’t feeling well.  I’ll be taking her to the vet tomorrow. :(  I’m not sure what on earth is wrong with her. I brought her in and crated her in hopes that it was just the heat, but she’s still not eating or drinking. I found her this morning under the azalea bush and didn’t really think anything about it. When I got back though, she was still under the azalea bush. I offered her food and water and she just meows. :(  Hope my little buddy is ok.

Good night.

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