Two Years

This morning I got up early and got ready. Kandi met me at the house at a few minutes before 11 and we hauled butt to the Rave theater to see “The Proposal.” It was fantastically funny. I have loved Ryan Reynolds since Brooke and I watched him on “Two Guys, A Girl, and A Pizza Place.” He’s so gorgeous. The movie was just wonderful. We were there for the first showing along with about 15 other people, and everyone in the theater was cracking up. It’s a great movie. Oh, and you get to see his bare butt, so that’s fun, too. ;)

After the movie we headed to Sam’s and I got a few things I needed from there, then we had lunch at Lupi’s Pizza. It was delicious. I had two slices of cheese pizza, and a little piece of their homemade bread loaves. I instantly felt horribly guilty, even though each bite was like a little bit of heaven. We got home and went straight to the gym. Hopefully I worked off every calorie I consumed.

On June 19, 2007,  we brought Lucy home to live with us. :) She was very tiny and we couldn’t even see her eyes. Cain picked her out. While the other puppies were biting our shoes and growling at us, Lucy just sat there, as cute as a bug, looking at Cain and then looking at me. “I want that one–look how sweet she is,” Cain said. I protested, having fallen in love with another one, but decided to go with Cain’s choice. He was wrong though. Sweet? Ha! Maybe when she’s asleep! :D I took the photo above on the drive home. We were totally smitten with her by the time we got home about an hour later.

She was SO tiny. She’d fit right in the palm of your hand. I took her to the groomer the very next day in hopes that under all that fur, she did indeed have eyeballs.

She’s so funny and has provided us with so many laughs these two years that I couldn’t even begin to count them. Like when she’s biting us:

Or mad because the groomer put a bow in her hair:

And especially when she decides she’s had enough walking and just plops down:

Or when she’s sliding on her face while running back and forth between me and Marshall in hotel lobbies, or running back and forth between us in a field:

And when she has that windblown look while she’s looking out the car window for cows. Boy howdy, does she LOVE barking at cows. Not horses. Not goats. Just the cows, please.

And then the face she gives us, and the threatening barks when she’s ready to play:
And then all the times that she’s my little sweet angel dumplin’:

And now, all grown up at two years old (as of April 26, 2009) and wearing her Dorothy/Wizard of Oz bow:
You may see that I’m absolutely, 100-percent crazy about her. :) I’ve had great dogs throughout my life. Nothing will ever compare to Danda, our Doberman who grew up with the kids and died of cancer at age 12. :( But Lucy…Lucy was a lifesaver for me when the Empty Nest Syndrome came into my life. I love this dog SO much. :) She’s my best buddy, and like an American Express card, I don’t leave home without her. She goes everywhere we go. Anyway, yay! Two years ago today Cain and I went and picked her up. We sure are crazy about her.

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4 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Wow… I didn’t realize it had been 2 years… seems like you’ve ‘alway’s’ had Lucy! She’s such a part of ya’ll now… She is for sure a sweety!

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