Bunches, huh? The little guys are Eastern Tailed-Blues and the yellows are sulphurs but I can’t remember what kind. :)

I got up this morning and took Lucy to the vet to get shaved. Bless her heart, she has so much fur that she can’t enjoy being outside. Oh, and speaking of being outside, what is UP with this 90-degree weather?!  Good gracious.

I drove to Summerville and got some pretty new tires for the Tahoe so we’ll be all prepared for our Florida vacation, which happens to be only 26 days away. Woo hoo!

I came home and changed and met my buddy, Dona, for lunch at Olive Garden. It was yummy delicious. Dona and I have been friends since first grade. I absolutely LOVED spending time with her, but as per usual, it went by too fast. :( I picked up the Goose and went straight to the gym to work off all the fattening things I ate. :)

My house is really, truly a disaster area. Tomorrow after Pump class I’m coming straight home and sending my family outside to work while I work inside. I do better when they are out of my way. I’m too easily distracted. :)


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