No Title For This One Because I Get Tired of Coming Up With Titles

I love passion flowers. Isn’t this beautiful? Really I’m not even sure if it’s a flower. I think it’s an alien from another planet. ;)

I got up early this morning and MISSED MY GYM CLASS so that I could head to Ider, Ala. to take care of some business for my mom. Afterwards I headed back home but stopped by my Dad’s house for about an hour and looked around his yard for butterflies.

When I got home Marshall and I got ready and met with my friend Betty B. and her hubby for supper. Betty is from just right outside St. Louis, Mo. and she and her hubby came here to check out the Chickamauga Battlefield. She loves all things Civil War. :)  Marshall and I are planning on taking a trip up there to visit with them in the fall. I can’t wait. :)

It was a great day (sans the drive to Alabama). Hope your day was great, too. :)

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