I Was Kidnapped (Sort Of)

This is where hubby and Cain fish a lot, and where I take a lot of butterfly photos. :)

You know, I was going to blog about today but I’m so tired that it’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

The short of it is that I went out to my Dad’s house this morning while I waited to hear from my buddy Kandi. I was planning on taking butterfly photos and then heading back off the mountain around 11.  Instead I went to a family reunion. My stepmother’s family all met at Cloudland Canyon. It was great to see folks that I haven’t seen since I was a little girl.

When I got home Marshall and I went back on the mountain to see his parents. We had a nice visit with them until 9:30ish tonight. I love going out there, I really do.  They have lots of blueberries that are about to be ripe and I can’t wait to visit them then either. ;)


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