Poor Fishy

This is my very first coneflower blooming. :) Isn’t it such a pretty color? It’s still opening and there are lots more buds under it. The birds and butterflies love them so I’m very excited.

Pump class was great. We did new exercises and new stretches so I’m sure I’ll be sore later.  I added another weight to my bar and my arms were shaking like crazy but I made it through. Yay!

Brooke’s fish, which she named “Vitrolla” for reasons I’m unsure of, died this afternoon. Brooke had her for almost three years, which is about the right lifespan of a betta fish. You may remember that its mate died a few months back. Brooke was at work when Vitrolla passed away, but she called me as she was on her way home and I told her the bad news (we knew she was dying and didn’t expect her to make it through the day). We both fake cried together and then to cheer her up I said, “It was probably because of something you did.” We laughed and laughed.

Yep, I’m a good mom…here for my kids. ;) Our family has a weird sense of humor, what can I say?

Poor Vitrolla. I really, truly am sad about her passing. Betta fish are fun to watch and we had a nice tank for her, not one of those stupid tiny fishbowls. How could a fish enjoy living in something no bigger than a cup? Anyway…

Later. :)

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One thought on “Poor Fishy

  1. From an Ani Defranco song I was listening to yesterday. Insert Beta for Goldfish…

    “They say goldfish have no memory… I guess their lives are much like mine… and the little plastic castle is a surprise every time. And it’s hard to say if they are happy, but they don’t seem much to mind”

    I’m sure it is something Brooke did.

    I hope I’m as awesome as a mom as you. Z seems to love me so I reckon I’m doing good so far.

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