He Loves His Lure

My  hubby REALLY loves his lure. :) This was the second place he fished today and he caught a gigantic bass. The bad thing is, is that it got caught in all of those lilypads. He didn’t want to break his line with the fish on there because he didn’t want it to die just caught up in all those lilypads AND he really loved the lure. LOL  I can’t believe he went out in the water like that. What a goon.

We had a fabulous day together. We got up early and headed straight for the mountain. We stopped at the foot of it and I took several shots of butterflies. When we got to the field where my hubby fished there were butterflies all over the place. I had a super time exploring and took pictures of quite a few butterflies that I didn’t have pictures of before.

He fished in a couple more ponds and I spent my time exploring around them and taking pictures of whatever caught my eye. We didn’t see a single snake, and I was a bit disappointed in that. I did see a scorpion and lots of bees and flowers, so it made for a great day. :)

Hope your day was beautiful, too.

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