Can’t Get Away From Snoring

Today hubby and I got up and went exploring. We had a great time together. We went over to John’s Mountain and explored that area and even went on a little hike. We saw coyote barf. Now how fun is THAT?! *gag*

After we left from over there we went to a little place where Mom’s church was having an outing. We didn’t stay long. She’s SO tiny and it made me physically ill to see her looking like that. She didn’t seem quite right when we were there. She really wanted me to come but yet she barely talked to me when we got there. It was all just very odd and made me very uncomfortable.

Lucy is beside me here on the couch and she’s snoring so loud that I can hardly hear the television. :) She’s just like her human daddy, huh?

Speaking of her human daddy, he, Cain, and Jake have gone to do some late night fishing on the mountain. I kind of wish I’d have gone with them. Brooke is at Riverbend and so I’m here by myself.  :( They should be getting home any minute so I think I’ll make it.


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